Health Unit: Planning the Global Connections Phase


  • Plan should be ready by December 18
  • Plan on 3 weeks (15 Project Lab blocks)
  • The Health Unit Global Connections Mini-Unit should begin roughly when we return from Winter Break
  • Focuses on Health issues
  • Has a global perspective (other countries)
  • Will have students making use of resources on TakingItGlobal
  • Will need to be correlated to NYS Learning Standards (for multiple disciplines)
  • Will need to be entered as a "Project Proposal" on Buffalo Project Foundry
  • Will need a Checklist, like the other two Health Unit Checklists
  • Activities should focus more on students' learning by doing than on "sit and get"
  • There should be at least one product that will become each student's evidence and artifacts of learning

Planning Steps From Last Summer's TIG Training:

  1. Consider the questions: What do you want students to be able to walk away with and uncover ? How might you assess that they have this understanding?
  2. Brainstorm all of the topics related to health that might be interesting to you and your students
  3. Select a topic that you might want to develop further and make a list of the issues and concepts associated with the topic
  4. Collectively generate a list of questions that are associated with your topic
  5. Consider which skills are important to support or enrich an understanding of the topic and fulfill the final project?
  6. Brainstorm a list of local and global resources that could support your topic and skill development (Texts and traditional media; Technology and new media; Social Networks (online, face to face); Experiential (e.g., field trips, service, games, simulations); Resources on TakingITGlobal)
  7. What are the essential, overarching questions that could frame the entire unit? Try to come up with three.

Planning Steps From TIG's Guide to Action:

  1. Reflect & Get Inspired
  2. Identify & Get Informed
  3. Lead & Get Others Involved
  4. Get Connected
  5. Plan & Get Moving
  6. Have a Lasting Impact

Resources for planning:


Keep in mind that there are two Youth Action Guides already on TIGed. One is about HIV/Aids and the other is about the Millennium Goals (4 of the 8 goals are health related).

Possible Resources To Use in Your Mini-Unit