WebQuests Related to Health

Poor Pandora and Her Box of Evils
The students have to research the effects of war, poverty/hunger, and disease on the 20th century US. After researching, they must decide which vice they would put back into Pandora's Box if they could choose just one. The catch is that if they put a vice back, music must also go into the box. Once the group has come to a decision, they must present their findings to the class.

Disease Disaster
Students take on the role of epidemic intelligence officers with different specialties and determine what disease is plaguing "Deeville." This WebQuest allows for individual accountability, teamwork, creativity, and fosters an interest in epidemiology.

Health is a Battlefield
The students will "report from the front lines" of the war on disease as the components of an immune system under attack by some disease pathogen. As reporters for CNN, the Contagious News Network, your students will need to write a first person narrative of the attack on an otherwise healthy body.

Student WebQuests
Project-Based Learning - Project-based learning (PBL), one of the enduring approaches to education that supports the use of webquests, is focused on the learner constructing meaning and knowledge from an assigned activity. Students are given an assigned task or questions that include the creation of a product that will illustrate or represent what they have learned.