Launch Letter Vocabulary Building

Here are some ideas on how to help students become familiar with vocabulary in the Launch Letter.

A few notes on process:

  • There are potential vocabulary terms in this Word document. You can print copies for students or have students download file directly to their laptops (once on their laptop, they can type directly on the sheet in Word).
  • Time frame varies by activity.
  • Since students learn better when they perceive a need, it is strongly recommended that no vocabulary activities are conducted before they read the launch letter. Reading the ECMC letter first gives them a context for learning the terms.
  • Please, only do these vocabulary activities if your students need them.
  • There are several ideas for ways to acquaint students with these terms. It is not intended that you do all these activities. You decide which (and how many) to use.

Ideas for learning the Launch Letter Vocabulary

  • Give the vocab document as a "pretest" (after reading the letter) to see how many of the terms they already know are can deduce in the context of the letter.
  • Interactively discuss the words and their meaning. Students can give their meaning or the teacher can define, if needed. Students record their definitions on the vocabulary document.
  • Have students Google the terms to find their definition. (hint: in the search window, type "define: " and the term.)
  • Use the Dictionary Game.
  • Use a "Password"-type (the old game show) Vocabulary Review.
  • Use the Lexicon Challenge!

Lots more ideas for vocabulary building here and here.