This is the Parking Lot of older resources and ideas that may (or may not) make it into our unit.

Draft Time Line

Unit Overview

READY - Teacher Instructions, Student Project Guide, and Possible Time Frame (pacing guide)

Phase 1: The Launch & Topic Selection

READY - The Launch, the PBL Scenario, Exploring Health Issues in the news, learning to analyze science news, and selecting topics on which to focus.

Phase 2: The PSA

Learning all you can about the Health issue, and creating a Public Service Announcement to educate the public.

Phase 3: The Grant

READY - Identifying and developing a solution to your health issue, finding Health agencies to support the work, learning about how health agencies fund projects, developing technical writing skills, learning to critique data graphs, and completing an accurate, compelling application to fund a project related to the health issue.

Phase 4: The Global Community (needs focus and name...)

Learn about Malaria and its causes. Explore viable solutions. bla bla bla.

Culminating Event: The Assembly Hearing

Pull together your three products and present them to a judges panel of health care professionals

How should we kick off this unit with students?


  • ECMC representatives talk with students about how they work to meet all the health care needs of the community - introduce the idea of a Center for Community & Global Health
  • Alternately, we produce a video of the same or simulation of the same...
  • Discuss local health issues based on viewing <> stats on reportable communicable diseases in Erie County
  • Take an historical look at disease to provide a context for where we are now (activity to be provided)
Resources: This is the Medical Examiner's report. Includes statistics and charts for causes of death in Erie County.
Historical Perspectives Notifiable Disease Surveillance and Notifiable Disease Statistics -- United States, June 1946 and June 1996 History of poliomyelitis The State of the World's Children 2004 Health statistics and health information systems