DRAFT - Polishing Your Public Service Announcement - DRAFT

Purpose of the Activity:

  • To finalize the PSA and get it ready for the PSA screening


  • Make sure that students are aware of the standards for participating in the screening

Desired Outcomes:

  • Product: a finished PSA of sufficient quality as to be exhibited in the Screening
  • Process: Students use both standards of quality and reflective strategies to create a quality PSA

The Process

Total time frame: 2-4 Project Blocks

Step 1: Get Feedback

Use the Peer Design Review Activity to get feedback on the semifinal draft of the PSA. Be sure that students are using the Rubric (created in Part 2) and the standards set by teachers for participating in the Screening.

PBL+MM Peer Design Review Activity
Design reviews throughout the project give students the chance to learn from each other and learn to critique constructively. Design reviews are short structured events, in which a group discusses the work they have done so far, and their plans to complete the project. Their peers critique the plan and offer suggestions. Students can learn a lot from each other.

Step 2: Revise the PSA

Using the feedback from Step 1, students should revise their PSA with the goal of creating a PSA that is good enough to be exhibited in the screening.