DRAFT - Reviewing Your Health Issue - DRAFT

Divide class into groups according to their interest in a specific health issue and discuss their
rationale for choosing their topic for creating a PSA and writing a proposal.


The students will:
  • Divide into small grant writing groups (no more than four students to a group);
  • Clarify choice of a topic through an initial discussion of community need and support;
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to improve or develop a new program to deal with the chosen health issue;
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of simulating a health organization involved with the health issue or demonstrate the feasibility of performing services for the health issue by obtaining support from or working under a health organization;
  • Complete a teacher provided contract of group commitment to the grant topic;
  • Complete research worksheet.

Questions to Ask About Your Health Issue

  1. If your group obtained financial assistance and could tap into the necessary knowledge, how many medical/science skills do you have that can facilitate a solution to the health issue?
  2. How reliable were the resources and/or the medical research?
  3. In general, does government have unlimited resources to spend on health issues? What gives one issue priority over another?
  4. When is it the government’s responsibility (local, state, federal) to solve community health issues?
  5. After researching the role of federal and state government, did you find that funding was spread fairly evenly among categories: hereditary diseases, social issues, environmental issues?

Time Frame

XX PBL Block classes

Originals of Choosing a Health Issue Activity (PDF)


Solving Health Problems in Your Community, Health Career Resource Center, pp.57-58 (download PDF)