Solving Health Problems in Our Community

The Center for Community & Global Health

This unit focuses on exploring health issues in the students' community and identifying possible solutions to those challenges. The unit starts with a launch, where students learn that they are Program Development Interns for the hospital's Center for Community & Global Health. The Interns are charged with the following tasks:
  1. Identifying health issues effecting the people in their community
  2. Creating a Public Service Announcement about one issue
  3. Explore a global health issue and potential solutions
  4. Identifying and developing a potential solution to the problem and writing a grant to solicit funding for the program

The unit includes two exhibitions; one to screen the PSAs and another an Assembly Hearing where their solutions are shared and judged by a panel of representatives from various health-related agencies.

The Process

Note: the student page for the unit is here.



This unit was provided by ResulTech Educational Services and the Schools We Need Project.
The unit, as it appears here, was designed, written, or compiled by Mike Muir, by Mary Chase (August 2007).
Many of the ideas for this unit have come from two documents from the Health Careers Resource Consortium
  • Solving Health Problems in Your Community (PDF)
  • Project Based Learning for Health Careers Pathway Students (PDF)
  • PDFs of individual sections of these two documents
  • (see all the HCRC resources here)

Instruction is supported by ideas in Curriculum Activities from California's Project-Based Learning with Multimedia Project

Unit Assumptions:

  • 10-12 week unit
  • Daily 90 minute project time
  • Daily lab time is not required to be part of the unit, but teachers can offer labs, workshops, & seminars related to the skills and knowledge needed to complete the unit.
  • Project should intrinsically answer the question, "why would students want to learn this?"
  • Unit will leverage ECMC partnership & TakingItGlobal resources
  • We will integrate technology for projects beyond APEX, Internet searches, and communications

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